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Telegram Bot 2.0 Released

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Telegram, a mobile Instant Messenger service, released the new Bot Platform 2.0 today. It was only last year when Telegram’s Bot Platform was launched which allowed advance users–developers–to deploy interesting bots into Telegram’s network. This, in my opinion, was a first in the mobile messaging space sans Hangouts bots that Google is silent about.

Running a chat bot is not as simple as it appears. One would initially think that it will not consume resources, however, this assumption is far from the truth. Chat bots has been around since the days of IRC and many IRC servers and hosting services does not allow chatbots at all.

This what makes Telegram unique, they developed a Bot API for developers to play around with, and today, Bots 2.0 changed the landscape further.

What’s New

Telegram built sample bots to demonstrate the new power of the Bots Platfrom 2.0. These are @music, @youtube, @foursquare, and @sticker (be sure to update to the latest Telegram app to take advantage of these bots). They call these, inline bots.

Inline bots can be called anytime and anywhere in any Telegram chat. For example, if you and your friend is looking for a restaurant to try out next, a simple “@foursquare buffet” command will call the @foursquare bot and display a list of restaurants to choose from. Or if you want to share a cool YouTube video you found, simply type “@youtube funny videos”.

@fourquare Inline Bot

@youtube Inline Bot @youtube Inline Bot

For more information about the new Bots 2.0, visit these official pages:

    Telegram Bot 2.0 Released
    Article Name
    Telegram Bot 2.0 Released
    Telegram released the new Bot 2.0 Platform for their Instant Messenger service. It features Inline Bots that will surely be enjoyed by users and developers.

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