Recharge Fast with the New PNY BE-840 Powerbank

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PNY Technologies, Inc. (PNY) world renowned manufacturer of USB and Memory products has launched the portable and compact BE-840 power bank, with high battery capacity that charges all mobile gadgets in a flash.

Most mobile phones available in the market today are installed with poor battery capacity not exceeding more than 2000 or 3000 mAh, which leaves users panicking with that dreaded “low battery” alert on an almost depleted device, ready to switch off. The BE-840 comes to the rescue with its whopping 10,000 mAh built-in battery that can charge mobile phones several times over.

Featuring world-class lithium-ion technology, the power bank is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. There are also a multitude of safety features to prevent overcharging and overheating — common for busy people to leave devices and power banks charging overnight.

The BE-840 comes in a stylish and compact built encased in a smooth classic white casing with an ergonomic shape for easy grip and regular usage. Weighing only 239 grams and measuring at 112.8mmL × 72.0mmW × 22.0mmH, the BE-840 is lightweight and slim enough to be carried around in pockets or hand bags.

It also sports dual charge ports, which charges up to two mobile devices simultaneously, saving up time. One port supports a 2A output while the other 1A. There is also a smart 4-level LED power indicator that indicates the battery capacity and charge level of the power bank. Charge levels indicates 30% power, 30% to 80% for two LED indicators, 80% for three, and four for 100%.

A rare feature in power banks, the BE-840 has a nifty LED torch allowing it to be used as a light in dark places or when plugging in the devices for recharging. It is compatible with any digital devices, from Android phones to music players to iPad tablets.

The BE-840 is available in a pocket-friendly price range and offers one year limited warranty on all purchased products. More information is available in the official product page.

    Recharge Fast with the New PNY BE-840 Powerbank
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    Recharge Fast with the New PNY BE-840 Powerbank
    PNY Technologies released their latest product, the BE-840, a lightweight, compact, fast recharger powerbank for people on-the-go.

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