Where are the onions in Mozilla Firefox

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VPNs, TOR, privacy, encryption, anonymity, and URLs ending with the .onion TLD is something that more and more people are getting aware of (and curious about). However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, accessing .onion websites may not be possible.

In this short guide, we will unlock Firefox and let you browse TOR hidden websites.

An important reminder

This guide assumes the following:

  • You are connected to TOR via a VPN.
  • You are using the regular and latest Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • You know what .onion TLD is.

Pick-up the onions!

  1. In the address bar enter:

    Then click the “I accept the risk!” blue button when the “This might void your warranty!” warning shows up

  2. In the search field, type:

  3. Look for:

    Double-click it to switch it to false

  4. Look for:

    Double-click it to switch it to true

Cooking time

It’s time to cook the onions we now have access to. Try the following links:

Onion tears not needed

Now that you have access to .onion addresses using your regular Firefox browser, it is important to note that you should only browse through this method if you understand the risks. If extreme anonymity, encryption, and privacy is your concern, you must use the TOR Browser itself, as it was tweaked with it in mind.

For example, if you live in a country where the government monitors your every action, use the TOR Browser bundle. Never ever use a regular browser in such a scenario. The above instruction is only for the casual to moderate VPN+TOR user, who perhaps does not want his or her stalker knowing their online habits (like your local ISP).

You have been warned!

Where are the onions in Mozilla Firefox
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Where are the onions in Mozilla Firefox
How to browse TOR's .onion sites using a regular Mozilla Firefox browser? Find out here!

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