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If Facebook Messenger is now your main channel for communication with your family, friends, and even Facebook Page fans or customers, a standalone Messenger version is of high importance to avoid distraction from the Facebook stream and notifications.

Sure, there is a Messenger app for Android and iOS, and there is also a browser-based standalone version. But how about a desktop software independent of the browser? The answer is, Messenger for Desktop by Aluxian.

Messenger for Desktop is a desktop software developed by Aluxian. It is a wrapper for Facebook‘s service, a browser-based standalone version of Messenger. By “wrapper”, it means that Messenger for Desktop is a lightweight browser whose job is to load independently of your regular browser.

The benefit is simple and yet powerful. The resources it consumes is separate from your regular browser and if your browser crashed, your communication with your clients can continue while you relaunch your browser.


Of course, Messenger for Desktop comes with its own set of features on top of what Facebook Messenger offers. Here is a short list.

  • Themes
  • Launch on OS start
  • Native notifications
  • Privacy: Block Seen and Typing indicators (good if you want to hide the fact that you’ve read the messages you received or if you’re typing)
  • Float on Top
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Search chats
  • Spell checker
  • Switch to Workplace Messenger (for corporate use)
  • Available for GNU/Linux, OS X, and Windows

You can download it today from the official website or check out the source code. Or like their official Facebook Page


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