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If you have read our review of Aluxian’s Messenger for Desktop software then you know how useful it is if Facebook Messenger is one of your main channel for instant online communication with your family, friends, and even clients or customers.

However for someone who use the PortableApps platform, we want to bring our favourite software in. This means, installing the software the PortableApps way.

Rejoice for in this post we are not going to show you how to do this yourself because we already prepared an installer! Here are the details.

  • Base software: Messenger for Desktop v2.0.9
  • PortableApps installer: MessengerDesktopPortable v2.0.9 Dev Test 1
  • Release history: 2017-07-02 Initial release
  • [ Source | Download 2.0.9 Dev Test 1 ]

Though it was marked as “Dev Test 1”, we can assure that it is in good working condition. We have to go through the process set forth by the PortableApps team, hence the “Dev Test 1” status. As soon as it passes the standards set forth by the PortableApps team, it will be included in their repository and you will be able to download it straight from the PortableApps client.

While it is in “Dev Test 1”, you can file bug reports, if any, here.


Note: The PortableApps platform is only for Windows operating system. It can be installed in GNU/Linux by using WINE.

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