How-To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

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Have you bought a Samsung Galaxy y series or a Galaxy Ace series and found it network locked? Have you searched the heavens, the earth, and hell to get your new phone unlocked but can not find anyone willing to do it for a reasonable price of free?

Search no more! Because here comes the Galaxy Toolbox app by developer Doky73!

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Get Galaxy Toolbox here or here
  2. Launch the app and you will see this:
  3. Choose “Device Information” and check your unit’s, well, information as shown here:
  4. Go back to the menu and choose “Backup bml15 partition”
  5. Go back to the menu and choose “Network unlock” as shown here:
  6. then you should see this:

Congratulations! Now you can use any network’s SIM card on your phone, all that at no extra cost!

What is “Custom binary counter reset”?

Now what is the menu selection “Custom binary counter reset” for? Simple, it resets the ROM counter Samsung secretly added on their newer phones and stock ROM updates. It will allow them to know how many times you’ve installed a different ROM and who knows what else they’re tracking.

In Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, this tracking feature doesn’t exist nor in any ROM updates they pushed as of this writing. You may see something like 149175 when you first choose “Device Information”. Then after resetting it via “Custom binary counter reset”, it will turn to zero (0). So far, I haven’t seen it increment, besides it’s impossible that I installed a different ROM or whatever 149,175 times since January of 2012! (For the record, I haven’t changed my ROM ever.)

Restore your bml15 partition

If for some reason you want to use your warranty or you want to sell your phone, be sure to restore your bml15 partition to its original state before you unlocked your phone.

Simply go to the apps menu and choose “Restore bml15 partition” and you’re done. However, this will also restore the binary counter of your phone to its previous value when your first did a backup of your bml15 partition.

If your phone’s binary counter increments then better reset it back to zero (0). Otherwise, if it is like Galaxy y series that doesn’t increment, then better leave it that way – like mine’s at 149175. Samsung engineers or your network may be aware of it, and if they see a zero in there, then they’ll know.

Again, a simple logic here is that, in my case I can not possibly have done 149,175 ROM installations, edits, roots, or whatever else they’re tracking, not even 149,175 phone restarts because I rarely restart my phone. That number must be the “zero” for the Y series, and obviously they (Samsung or your network) is aware of it.



As of version 1.00.120609GA (09th July 2012), Galaxy Toolbox is compatible with the following models:

  • Samsung Galaxy Y series
    • GT-S5360
    • GT-S5360B
    • GT-S5360L
    • GT-S5360T
    • GT-S5363
    • GT-S5369
  • Samsung Galaxy Pro
    • GT-B5510
  • Samsung Galaxy Pop Pro
    • GT-S5570I
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
    • GT-S5830i
    • GT-S5830C
    • GT-S5830M
    • GT-S5839i

Install Galaxy Toolbox via the official market: Google play;

If it disappears there, get it at: myAndroid Market.

Go back to: myAndroid Hub

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