How-To Follow A Google Plus Activated PicasaWeb User

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[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”PicasaWeb.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w144″ pe2_img_align=”left” pe2_img_style=”border: 0;” ] If you are a PicasaWeb user, you probably noticed that you can not follow any PicasaWeb user whose accounts are Google+ activated. The reason simply is that viewing the public gallery of a Google Plus activated account redirects you to the new “Google+ Photos” web viewer.

Playing around with it, I found a very simple work-around…

By simply adding:

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after the user’s URL, you will be able to view the user’s Picasa albums via PicasaWeb’s viewer. Example, my Google Plus user number is: 107219430233856542092 taken from my Google+ URL:

Change the URL to this: and you will be able to view my photos using the full-featured PicasaWeb viewer. You can also start following me and see my photo uploads the next time you open your PicasaWeb, the PicasaWeb way.

The only thing that you will probably miss is email notifications which stops working once a PicasaWeb account is converted to Google Plus. Also, the ability for non-Google+ users to comment on your photos also disappeared… unless I missed some setting somewhere.

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