How-To Block Globe’s Mobile Internet


On 2015-05-19 Globe Telecom sent a message alert that it is no longer needed to set our mobile phones to a certain setting to connect to their mobile Internet, beginning on 2015-05-20. Yes, an alert only a day before the big change, and not everyone received it.

The message is simple and I quote:

Hi! Starting May 20, you’ll be able to use mobile internet without manually configuring your phone’s internet settings, giving you a hassle-free surfing experience. To avoid unexpected charges, turn on SurfAlert. This FREE service will put browsing on hold when your device tries to connect online and you’re not registered to a surf promo. For info, dial *143# > MyAccount > Mobile Internet usage. You can also turn off your cellular data in your phone settings. Thank you!

If you did not receive it, or your phone doesn’t have USSD support, then follow the steps below to activate this free-of-charge service.

The USSD way

Step 1: Dial *143#

Step 2: Choose “My Account” by typing in: 2

Step 3: Choose “Mobile internet usage” by typing: 3

Step 4: Choose “Turn ON mobile internet alerts” by choosing: 2

Step 5: Choose “SurfAlert (Get text alerts every time you start a chargeable internet session and you’re not on a surf promo)” which is option: 1

Step 6: A confirmation which says “With SurfAlert, you need to register to a Surf promo or deactivate your SurfAlert subscription before you can browser the internet.” Simply confirm by sending: 1

After a minute or two, you will receive this confirmation message:

Your SurfAlert has been activated! To avoid unexpected charges, browsing will be put on hold unless you’re registered to a surf promo. You’ll start receiving regular alerts for free when your phone or device connects to the internet without a surf promo. To register, dial *143# and choose GoSURF. To turn off alerts and continue surfing at regular browsing rate, just text SURFALERT OFF to 8888. For more info, dial *143# > My Account > Mobile Internet Usage or text SURFALERT HELP to 8888.

The SMS way

  • To turn on, type SURFALERT ON
  • To put it on hold for the day, type SURFALERT HOLD
  • To turn it off, type SURFALERT OFF

Then simply send to 8888.

You’re done. Enjoy!

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How-To Block Globe's Mobile Internet
There is now a safer way to block Globe's mobile Internet by using Globe's free-of-charge SurfAlert feature. Learn how and save money!

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