Google+ for Google Apps Is Not XMPP Friendly

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If you are a Google Apps user or administrator, you can now turn-on the Google+ service on your domain. This feature was launched today and it has been one of the awaited service of GApps users.

However, Google+ for GApps is NOT XMPP/Jabber friendly. G+ for GApps requires that you turn-on Google XMPP Chat for your domain. So if like me and my clients, you either run your own XMPP network or is using another service like, you are out-of-luck.

Check these images and save yourself the trouble…

I discovered this when I turned-on my domain’s Google XMPP Chat service in the hopes of finding a workaround on this bug: Google Apps XMPP Chat Bug. This time I tried turning the service “off” first before deleting it again.

Nothing happened of course, because it is a bug on Google’s side. But that’s when I discovered that Google+ for Google Apps is not XMPP friendly, a pop-up showed up as you can see in the screenshot below.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Google Plus is NOT XMPP Friendly-01″ type=”image” alt=”Google Plus is NOT XMPP Friendly-01.png” ]

It says, herein quoting: Google Talk is required for the following service: Google+. If you turn off Google Talk, the dependent service is automatically turned off for all affected users. Please make sure you inform your users.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Google Plus is NOT XMPP Friendly-02″ type=”image” alt=”Google Plus is NOT XMPP Friendly-02.png” ]

Apparently, Google XMPP Chat is a vital part of Google Plus. Since it will not work without the service, it is safe to assume that G+ is actually an XMPP social-network of the likes of BuddyCloud, Jappix, and OneSocialWeb — a social-network built on top of XMPP/Jabber, with a copied Diaspora interface.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Google Plus is NOT XMPP Friendly-03″ type=”image” alt=”Google Plus is NOT XMPP Friendly-03.png” ]

Google+? Now I’m convinced it’s high time to aggressively push for DDFONs — Decentralized, Distributed, Federated, Open, Networks. Here are some that are federated already:

Another promising project is Appleseed, but I haven’t seen them federating to other DDFON yet. There is also Kune which can communicate with Apache Wave (f. Google Wave) and the XMPP network. And the most ambitious of all: Lorea which I can not even explain, just visit their website, read it, and be amazed.

Finally, for the sake of Google Apps users who have their own XMPP network, let’s hope Google realizes requiring, no, forcing us to use their own XMPP network just to enable Google Plus is a huge mistake.

Update 2011-12-05: After a few weeks of testing since it was first reported that the bug has been fixed, I can finally say with confidence that it is indeed fixed. Special thanks goes to ProcessOne (the ejabberd guys) for getting the attention of Google through their blog post: Migrating from Google Apps to hosted.IM.

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