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It’s a new year. With it comes a new hope. A new brighter future. New Year’s resolutions. New goals. New looks. As an Android smartphone user, it means it is time to change our phone themes.

Last year, I have been eager to change my phone themes to green but did not do so. When the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2013, I decided that green is the colour of the year and immediately went to work switching my phone to green. It was a long and time consuming process but I found the right skins for each of my GO apps that complements each other without paying anything.

Yes, all free-of-charge. No downloading of cracked versions. No silly (push) notification and pop-up ads. Just clean themes that I want to share with you today.

Oh, by the way, a few days into 2013 I found out that green, emerald green, is the official colour of the year. So that is probably why you are here reading this blog post, you want to switch to green too. Just a reminder, this is for GO apps only. Without further ado, here are the free and ad-free themes you should download now.

GO Contacts EX: Poison Green by TeamCarbon

GO Contacts EX-Poison Green-01
GO Contacts EX-Poison Green-02
GO Contacts EX-Poison Green-03
GO Contacts EX-Poison Green-04

Google Play Market link: Go Contacts PoisonGreen – Free

GO Keyboard: Green Fusion by Mojo Studio

GO Keyboard-Green Fusion-01
GO Keyboard-Green Fusion-02

Google Play Market link: green Fusion Go Keyboard

GO Launcher EX: Glossy Green Theme by D&S Designs

GO Launcher EX-Glossy Green Theme-01
GO Launcher EX-Glossy Green Theme-02
GO Launcher EX-Glossy Green Theme-03
GO Launcher EX-Glossy Green Theme-04

Google Play Market link: Glossy Green Go Launcher Theme

GO Locker Option #1: Green Night HD by Crazy cool Lockers

GO Locker-Green Night HD-01

Google Play Market link: Green Night HD Go Locker

GO Locker Option #2: Neon Green Theme by Cyber Pixel

GO Locker-Neon Green Theme-01
GO Locker-Neon Green Theme-02
GO Locker-Neon Green Theme-03

Google Play Market link: Go Locker Neon Green Style

GO Locker Option #3: Titanium Green by Pollanza

GO Locker-Titanium Green-01
GO Locker-Titanium Green-02
GO Locker-Titanium Green-03
GO Locker-Titanium Green-04

Google Play Market link: GO Locker Titanium Green Theme

GO SMS Pro: Poison Green by TeamCarbon

GO SMS Pro-Poison Green-01
GO SMS Pro-Poison Green-02
GO SMS Pro-Poison Green-03

Google Play Market link: GOSMS PoisonGreen Theme – Free

GO Widget: Poison Green ICS by TeamCarbon

GO Widget-Poison Green ICS-01

Google Play Market link: GOWidget PoisonGreen ICS -Free

There are plenty more themes available on Google Play (f. Google Market) but the above suggestions are for me, the best combination I found that suits my taste – not so bright, not too green, not too much glow. A good balance between dark background and neon green. It’s simple and light and I hope you like it too.


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