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Facebook launched Pages Manager app for Android two days ago to select countries. This new application from Facebook targets Fan Page management without the distraction that is our personal stream and personal profile. Good for community managers and social media marketers.

Pages Manager is an application that lets admins check on their Page activity, view insights, and respond to their audience from their mobile device. To log in, you need to have the main Facebook app on your phone, otherwise, you will not be able to use Pages Manager.

It is currently in version one and is too simple. I can not help but think that they just took out the code for the full-blown Facebook app and stripped the codes that are not needed and added a few here and there. There are nothing in it that the main Facebook app or your mobile browser can not do. It does not add anything new or convenient either.

Version 1 features

  • Post new status messages as your Page
  • Check your Page’s Insights data with a graph
    • Total likes
    • People talking about your Page
    • Weekly total reach
  • Filter posts by [1] Page; or [2] Others
  • Upload or take a new photo
  • Push Notifications setting: “On” and “Off Until Tomorrow 8:00am” only

Missing features

  • Accessing your Page’s admin settings
  • Creating new events
  • Insights: Trends Chart
  • Permanent “Off” setting for “Push Notifications” and custom time option
  • Video upload

But let us not forget that this is only version 1 of the app, we can expect updates that will bring in more features – real management features. If you want to try the app, search online for the apk file and install it manually, or if you have a rooted Android phone then get Market Unlocker and switch to any US carrier.

It is useful in its current form, true, but it needs more if they want it to attract Page managers. Until then, especially the lack of a permanent “off” setting for Push Notifications, I am not using it. In the future I will, and that’s for sure.

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