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A few hours ago today, Facebook launch their newest addition to their Chat service – being able to chat using any XMPP/Jabber capable clients (desktop or web). This is great news for Facebook users and partially to XMPP/Jabber supporters. Why ‘partially’?

After Alcarcalimo informed me about the launch of Facebook Chat’s XMPP/Jabber service, I immediately went to work and checked Facebook’s blog. I was so excited of the news until I found out after testing that Facebook’s XMPP/Jabber is not (yet?) federated. It means that no other XMPP/Jabber clusters can communicate with Facebook Chat users.

Facebook Chat’s XMPP/Jabber cluster is currently(?) within the Facebook network only. If you want to use your Talkr.IM or Gmail/Gtalk XMPP account, Facebook users will not receive any authorization requests or messages. Same way with Facebook users adding your non-Facebook Jabber account – nothing will happen.

Is this temporary? Let’s hope so. This move of Facebook to use XMPP/Jabber is much bigger than Google Buzz, as Alcarcalimo said. This also shows that AOL made the wrong decision in dropping their AIM-XMPP experiment two years ago.

But, it will be a huge, earth shaking move if and once Facebook federates with the Jabber network – that is the whole idea behind XMPP, clusters of IMs inter-communicating with each other.

Still, congratulations goes to Facebook and the XMPP/Jabber community. Yet another big company and network tapping the XMPP/Jabber IM technology, in addition to Google’s Gtalk/Gmail and Nokia’s OVI.com (to mention two).

Facebook, come on, federate with the rest of the network!!

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