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Start Google Talk-ing Using Your Own Domain via Pidgin

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If you are using Google Apps and activated the Google Talk feature, you might be wondering by now why it won’t connect properly even though Pidgin can connect to the normal Google Talk.

In this post, I will show you hot to configure Pidgin to allow you to use Google Talk with your own domain name via Google Apps.

Setup Your Domain for Google Talk

By default, Google Apps Google Talk only allows communication within the Google (XMPP) Network.  This network is all the other Google Apps domain users as well as Gmail/Gtalk users, if this is what you want, skip this section and jump to the next.

However, if you want your users to be able to communicate to the outside world – for example to send messages to Chikka users or to talk to an XMPP/Jabber user, you have to setup your domain name first, here’s how.

  1. Copy the SRV records below and paste it in your text editor

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  2. Change the “YOUR-DOMAIN.COM” with your own domain name.  Do not remove the trailing dot!
  3. Open a ticket to your host and request for an SRV records change
  4. Paste the above SRV records (with your own domain name) to your ticket request.
  5. Wait for a reply from your host.

Of course, if you have access to your own server, then you should already know how to add SRV records, if not, ask someone knowledgeable or as usual, file a ticket to your domain provider.

After your host replies to your ticket, just wait a few hours for the changes to propagate then go to the next section.

Setup Pidgin to Connect to Your Own Google Apps Domain Google Talk

Now that your domain is properly set, it is time to setup Pidgin to connect to your own domain.  Just follow these steps and you’ll be Google Talk-ing to the rest of the world in no time.

  1. Open Pidgin
  2. Go to the “Accounts” menu  then choose “Manage Accounts”; or simply press CTRL+A
  3. Click the “Add” button {image}
  4. In the “Protocol” drop-down, choose “Google Talk” or “XMPP”
  5. In the “Username” field, type your username without the @yourdomain.tld part.  Example, if your username is [email protected], then type in as your username
  6. In the “Domain” field, enter your domain address.  So if you’re account is [email protected] then type in the field.
  7. In the “Password” field, type your password {image}
  8. Switch to the “Advanced” tab
  9. Make sure the checkbox for “Require SSL/TLS” is checked
  10. In the “Connect port” field, make sure it is in the default of 5222
  11. In the “Connect server” field, enter
  12. In the “File transfer proxies” make sure it is in the default of {image}
  13. Configure your other settings for this account
  14. Once you are done with your other settings, simply click the “Add” button

You are done!  The key here is the “Connect server” field when using Google Talk that is provided by Google Apps.

Enjoy Google Talk-ing!

Start Google Talk-ing Using Your Own Domain via Pidgin
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Start Google Talk-ing Using Your Own Domain via Pidgin
In this how-to guide, I am going to show you how to use Google Apps' Google Talk XMPP/Jabber in the Free/Libre Open-Source Software Pidgin.

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