Cherry Mobile Omega vs. my|phone A919 Duo

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When Cherry Mobile teased Omega almost two months ago, mobile enthusiasts immediately searched for the similar or closest model they can find of Omega. The top choice was Zopo ZP900 Leader and it spread like fire considering the good specs the ZP900 Leader have.

Cherry Mobile teased that the Omega will be available on December 2012 but there was nothing, their marketing team even removed Omega’s photos from circulation and fans wondered if it was a silent “they’ll eventually forget about it” strategy.

Until a few days ago when Cherry made an announcement of the unit and it wasn’t as fans expected it to be, sadly.

I for one was disappointed with the specs of Cherry Mobile Omega. I admit it is unfair because I already had a set specs in my mind and built my enthusiasm around it. However, it is hard not to forget that because of the hype, that is now obvious, went out-of-control.

You can check the unofficial specs and official specs on my earlier post about the announcement of Cherry Mobile Omega. There you will find the difference between the overhyped specs and the actual one.

With that said, I made a comparison of Cherry Mobile Omega and my|phone A919 Duo. The latter was my|phone’s first entry into the phablet category, and was on Christmas sale for only ₱7,990, down from it’s SRP of ₱9,490.

My suggestion? Go get my|phone A919 Duo, forget about Cherry Mobile Omega. I know you can save and produce the price difference of ₱1,291 or ₱2,791 (based on sale price and SRP respectively). It is worth it.

I bought A919 Duo a week before Christmas of 2012 because I started to doubt Omega, and I can tell you, I made the right decision. I have a better phone and I still have not reached its full potential.

Sorry Omega, not this time, thank you A919 Duo, you made a new fan.

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