Cherry Mobile Flare, Flame, SkyFire, Titan, and Omega Compared

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Last week, I was about to buy Cherry Mobile Flare (I don’t like Titan) when the company teased about the coming Flame, SkyFire, and Omega. I did my own research for the specifications of these upcoming models and created a spreadsheet for easy comparison.

I am sharing the data today to everyone. Below you will find Flare, Flame, SkyFire, Titan, and Omega side-by-side. I hope that this table will help you decide for your next Android phone.

An important note: As of Thursday, 2012-11-29, the specs for Flame, SkyFire, and Omega were based mostly on the other similar models being sold in other countries. The actual specification of CM’s own version may vary slightly. As soon as more information are provided by the company, I will update the table to reflect the new information released.

Now as for the price my guesstimate for Flame and Omega are:

  • Flame: ₱4,999
  • Omega: ₱6,999 to ₱7,999

The price of ₱5,999 for SkyFire is official and was rumoured to be available already in some Cherry Mobile stores. As for Flame and Omega, another rumour is that it will be revealed sometime after 4th of December. Let’s just hope that my guesstimate is correct (I want to buy CM Omega).

Last but not the least, Omega launch is being rumoured to be on December 21, 2012. Probably just a joke, if you get what it means. 😉

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