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Not having a working desktop computer forces you to appreciate “mobile” gadgets, like tablets. For the past weeks, I’ve been using my Samsung GT-P3100 as my browser, writing and blogging tool, game pad, photo and graphics editor.
Also used it to login via SSH to my Ubuntu server in EU, torrent movies (*cough* paid *cough* [lies!]), participate in forum discussions, check my emails (via K-9 Mail, great app), github, bitbucket, etc. Things I used to think a hassle to do on a 7″ tablet.

Of course, there were plenty of times my patience ran out, like Twitter’s website for example – forces you to their mobile site, it took me almost a week to find a way around it (they don’t provide a link to switch to their desktop site!)

Still, I prefer a desktop workstation and a notebook for fiction writing (and blogging). If pads can replace workstations, then Captain Jean-Luc Picard and even the Borg collective, would not need terminals.

“To warp 8.” Upon realizing Starfleet removed the need for pilots, Captain Picard picked up his pad and entered their destination himself.
“Warp 8 set,” he said.
He shifted on his sit, pointed to the viewscreen and declared with a proud captain’s voice, “Make it so.”
The Enterprise did not move.
“Ahh, captain?” Number One whispered to him, “press GO, you have the helm remember?”
“Oh… Right.” He looked down at his pad, “Let’s try that again.”
He coughed, then raised his right arm (again), pointed forward and said, “Make it so.” His left thumb pressed “GO”.


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