Apacer and The Wolverine In Search for His Lost Memory!

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The amnesiac Wolverine (starring Hugh Jackman) is in Japan searching for clues to recover his lost memories. Together with Apacer and 20th Century Fox, a campaign was launched in fifteen (15) countries to help Wolverine in his quest, the “Fierce Fight in Japan, Pursuing Lost Memories”.

Anyone who purchases Apacer’s limited edition The Wolverine movie-themed products will have an opportunity to get the co-branded premiums of Apacer and The Wolverine movie-themed t-shirt, headphone wire keeper, sun shade, DIY paper speaker, big bag with Wolverine claw pattern, and many more! All The Wolverine movie-themed products were painted with ink-washed, black-and-white Wolverine totem, highlighting the invincible and charismatic Wolverine.

In addition, three USB3.0 models – AC233 portable HDD, AM531 Card Reader, AH350 Flash Drives – comes with a bonus sticker painted with muscular Wolverine, which would boost the Wolverine-ness of your Apacer products.

Here is a product list with The Wolverine theme:

  • AH350 USB3.0 Flash Drives
  • AH132/AH326 Flash Drives
  • Micro SDHC CL4 cellphone memory cards
  • AM531 USB3.0 Card Reader
  • AC233 USB3.0 Portable HDD

Go get it now and help Wolverine search for his lost memories in Japan!

The Wolverine is hitting cinemas worldwide on Wednesday, July 24, 2013; Thursday, July 25 in Australia; and Friday, July 26 in the United States of America.

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