Android 10 is Officially Released

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Android 10 (forget the letter code) stable is officially out. There are a lot of great features added but these are top 4 which caught my attention and what I believe truly matters.

Giving users more control over location data – Users have more control over their location data through a new permission option — they can now allow an app to access location only while the app is actually in use (running in the foreground).

Most apps do not need constant location information. It will also help in preventing unwanted location checks (depending on your settings, a notification shows whenever an app requested a location update). Be sure to reset all your apps to default and set it all one-by-one. This way, you can be sure you have setup all apps as per your needs.

Preventing device tracking – Apps can no longer access non-resettable device identifiers that could be used for tracking, including device IMEI, serial number, and similar identifiers. The device’s MAC address is also randomized when connected to Wi-Fi networks by default.

Random MAC address when connected to Wi-Fi networks will surely be problematic for public free Wi-Fi, like in malls, where they restrict you to 60 minutes access. They rely on detecting your device’s MAC address, with some setup also recording your IMEI, serial number, and other device identifiers.

Rooting is required to be able to randimise these identifiers but with Android 10 it’s automatic—at least when connecting to Wi-Fi. This should be extended to mobile connections. but not IMEI as it is also used for blocking or recovery of stolen phones (which most people are not aware is possible).

Blocking unwanted interruptions – Android 10 prevents app launches from the background that unexpectedly jump into the foreground and take over focus from another app.

This will definitely kill website and app ads which forces the launch of an installed app when its ad detects it as such. A very annoying ad type which must stop.

Audio playback capture – Now any app that plays audio can let other apps capture its audio stream using a new audio playback capture API. In addition to enabling captioning and subtitles, the API lets you support popular use-cases like live-streaming games. We’ve built this new capability with privacy and copyright protection in mind, so the ability for an app to capture another app’s audio is constrained.

Finally! Being able to capture audio directly from the app is a must especially for gamers. However, it is understandable that there are copyright considerations and why this should not be allowed. It is good they placed some constraints.

You can read more about the other changes, new features, and enhancements in the official Android 10 blog:

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Android 10 is Officially Released
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Android 10 is Officially Released
After more than a year of development and testing Android 10 has reached stable and is now officially released!

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